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The Power Of Color

Dit is het logo van Raf Claes color grading


Hi, I'm a Belgian based visual creative.  

I started working in the tv/film industry in 1989 after my graduation at the NaRaFi Film Institute in Brussels. Lighting and Cinematography is my passion, even during my education I knew that this part of the magic universe would be of great significance in my life.

8 years ago I stepped in the color grading world.  Despite I was been interested in postproduction and VFX possibilities for many years,  I worked on set as gaffer, cameraman and DOP for almost 25 years. I believe this experience makes me a better colorist.  Not only the knowledge Of camera and lighting techniques but also the often difficult circumstances on set is important to understand and helpful to create or finish the desired look for a DOP or Director.

Today I work on different types of productions : feature films, shorts, TV, documentaries..

Check out my work and I’ll see you in the control room.

Have a nice day.

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