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Color Grading Services

Color Grading Suite van Raf Claes in Geel

As a colorist, we create the final look and feel of a film. We think the 'feel' is more important than the 'look', because in the end every film is only about one thing: touching people emotionally and getting them moving. We use all our technical knowledge, skills and experience to get this done for every project, small or large. 


- Our Color Grading Studio in Geel is located near exit 23 E313.

- Free Lookbook is available to discover the right look for your project.

 - Urgent Demand Services for small projects:
- Upto 150 sec projects, upload and return whitin 48 hours -
For this services send us a request here or message us  
at 0032475419735


Dit is het LOGO The Power of Color van Raf Claes
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