My name is Raf Claes, I am a Cinematographer based in Belgium.


I was graduated in 1988 on the NaRaFi Film Institute in Brussels. 

Even in School I soon found out that light should take an particular place in my life.

The first years after school I travelled around in very different kind of jobs in the Film Industry.  I started as a second camera-assistant for feature films and became after some time assistant electro for Tv drama, feature films & commercials.

I believe that this experience makes me a better Cinematographer.

After ten years of working in very different aspects of the industry, where I became chef electro and gaffer, I finally took the big step en saw my chance with the fiction series ‘DEMAN’ to become Director of Photography.

I soon got specialised in TV drama and in 1999 I shot my first 35-mm mid length feature film: the international award winning ‘DEAD END’. 


I’m interested to work as a camera operator and cinematographer,

My main interests in productions are feature films and tv-series and documentary.

I’m willing to travel and discover wherever I’ll find the most interesting challenge.

Thank You

Raf Claes SBC